Pakdasht,Abbas Abad industrial town
Emersun Industries Co

Senior Managers

Hossein PourMohammadi

He was born in 1982. He finished junior high school and high school in Allameh Helli High Schools (Exceptional Talents) in mathematics. He got into Industrial Engineering in Sharif University of Tehran in 2000. He got his master’s degree in Tehran University. The highlights of his resume are: Work in No Avaran Sanat Co. / Work in Emersun   Industries Co. / Work in Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Co. /  Work in Garm Avaran Gas and Electric Water Heater Co.

He contributed to the increase in daily production, washing machine production line, and mechanized warehouse.

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Farzin Iran Nejad
CEO Consultant

Iran Nejad was born in Kermanshah, Iran in 1955. He graduated from high school in mathematics from the Pahlavi University High School. He continued his higher education in Electrical Engineering in Pahlavi University. His resume is as follows:

Technical VP in Arj Household Appliance Co. for 18 years (1983-2001)

Technical Consultant of Forging Companies of Iran Khodro (Car Making Factory) from 2001 to 2011 on installation and operation of Forge Alborz Co. and Pars Forge Co.

 Supervisor of installing and operating Line 2 and 3 of Tak Makaron Co.  from 2001 to 2011

Consultant of Kosar Economic Organization in terms of Shahab and Electric Motor companies

Management of Machinery Installation Project and Quality Advancement of SAPCO and Saman Motor Co.

In addition to be the manager of Iran Mana Co., he has been active as the CEO consultant in Emersun since 1999.

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Amir Mombeini
CEO Consultant

He was born in Khorramshahr, Iran in 1978. He was graduated in Industrial Engineering from Islamic Azad University of Tehran. The highlights of his resume are:

Project Manager of four Marine Rig Constructions at the depth of 80 m in TASDID Co. (Offshore and Onshore Development)

Project Manager of Phase 17 and 18, Southern Pars, Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company

Regional Sales Manager for different types of Siemens GE gas and oil turbines, Wood Group Co.

Project Planning and Control Manager in Salman Oil Field Pipeline Project, Gas Export Pipeline to the UAE, AMID Engineering and Expansion Co.

Construction of Tire Thread Co., Tire Cord Co.

Joining Emersun in 2015 as the CEO Consultant

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Mahmoud Ghiasi Mo’aser
Marketing Director

He was born in Urmia, Iran in 1981. He was graduated from Sharif University of Tehran in Industrial Engineering in bachelor’s program. He got his master’s degree from Tehran University in 2007. Since then, he has been working in Emersun Co. He also used to work as the manager of “Who are Urban Helpers” Urban Service Co. He is currently working as the sales manager in Emersun Co.  He contributed to the CRM establishment, channel distribution, OEM sales, Internet sales, and increased export.

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Ebrahim Nouri
non cooling operation assistance

He was born in Tehran in 1978. He was graduated in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering (Productivity and System Analysis).

He following points are highlighted in his resume:

Contribution to Construction and Production Scientific Association of Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran

Quality Control Manager

Responsible for Maintenance and Repairs (Body of Xantia, L90, and Pride)

 Responsible for Light Press Lines

 Member of APQP, EFQM, and QR/QC teams

Contribution to improving the efficiency and CPM

Internal Audit of Saipa Press Co.

Manager of Pars Abtin Industrial Group Contracts with the Esfarayen  Steel Complex

Project Manager VP of Phase 16 Jacket in Southern Pars

Productivity Consultant  Sub-companies

Responsible for the production of SLX Peugeot, Samand, Nissan, and 405 Peugeot Door Coverage in Azin Khodro Co.

Patent No. 62452

Trainer of Lean Production and S5 MED-Team Work Courses

Mr. Nouri began working with Emersun in 2013 as the Production ManagerSupply Chain Manger, and Procurement Officer

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Yasser Isma'ili Rokni
cooling operation assistance

Born in 1361

Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, Tendency of Electronics from Mazandaran University of Technology

research project:

Design and manufacture of the first electrical appliance control device through the telephone line in 1380

Start of cooperation with Emersan Co. in 2006

The supervisor of the electric unit in the year 87

Head of paint and painting workshops and executive director in 88 years

Technical Director and Production Successor

production manager

Director of Product and Project Engineering Unit

Now the deputy director of operation

Work history outside of Emersian collection:

The supervisor of electrical workshop of Electro Distribution Company for one year

Technical consultant at Satrapphaneh Co. (Contractor of Iran Automobiles in Aluminum Production and Hot Chamfer)

Technical Consultant of Hudecan Co.

Technical Consultant of Radiator Company (field of activity of producing various kinds of radiators)

Technical Co-Founder of Tulaka Wood Co. (field of activity of producing various types of mdf and mbnhb sheets and wood cnc)

Member of the Board of Directors of Ariya Gati Electrical Company. (Field of activity of cooperation with electricity distribution company for transmission and distribution)

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