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Safety during installation

Please read the following items carefully before using the product to make sure that the machine is safe and proper to operate.

  • Any installation and repair should be made only by authorized representatives of the Emersun Industries Co. (contact 35711-021).
  • Read the manual carefully before using the product.
  • Be careful when conveying the device. Hazard and leakage of the refrigerant can cause fire or explosion.
  • The location of the refrigerator should be such that for every 8 grams of R600a gas, one cubic meter of space (the amount of refrigerant gas is inserted in the labels installed in the product).
  • Avoid placing a refrigerator in the vicinity of the stove, radiator, heater, direct sunlight and, in general, any heat source.
  • Avoid installing the product in a soaking environment.
  •  Check electrical connections such as wires, plugs, sockets, etc. the presence of any decay, rupture, burn, looseness, and … indicate safety concerns.
  • Avoid flammable materials such as paper, plastics, Fabrics and … around the refrigerator and freezer.
  • The safe distance behind the product from the wall is at least 25 centimeters.
  • Avoid direct splashing of water into the product. This can cause electric shock and shock.
  • Be careful not to place the power cord under the product.
  • For thawing, do not use heaters such as hairdryers, heaters, etc.
  • An electrical connection to a circuit is an unsafe activity. This will increase the electrical flux and thus generate heat in the electric system
  • Avoid connecting the bolts to the socket in reverse.
  • Be sure to connect the wire to the specified location
  • Avoid touching the wires and electrical connections when wet.

Avoid entering finger to drink.


· Make sure the product is level. Laziness can lead to collapse.


Avoid looking at the V bulb for a long time.


Avoid placing soft drinks, carbonated juices and glassware in the freezer.


· Avoid placing dishes containing fluids on the refrigerator.


Do not allow children to put on freezer drawer. There is a possibility of serious injuries.


If you smell a burn or see smoke, take the product out of electricity and discuss the matter with the after-sales service of Emersan Industries Co. (35711-021).