Abbas Abad industrial town,Pakdasht,Tehran,Iran
Emersun Industries Co

Research and Development

The expansion of world’s competitive market has promoted the need for distinctive products by manufacture and service companies. Therefore, the establishment of R&D units has become more important more than ever. Thus, Emersun R&D unit, aiming to optimize the performance and service, has had a significant effect on the product development process and distinctive design. Today, success belongs to companies using the updated technology and knowledge in order to manufacture high quality and innovative products. As a result, Emersun urged R&D as a vital and stimulus element of growth to design new products and optimize the past processes.



Innovation, design, and manufacture of new products is one of Emersun R&D requirements to fill the gap between the foreign and domestic products and encourage the customers to purchase Iranian products.

Advances in industry and machinery are responsible for new products. Therefore, Emersun has always tried to apply the updated knowledge coupled with creativity in innovation to manufacture high quality products meeting the customer needs.



To become the Leading Brand in the Region in 2025

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