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information for refrigerator freezer users

Congratulations on choosing and enjoying your using the products of the Emersun Industries Co., The purpose of this information is to increase the awareness of our customers in the optimal use of Emersun’s freezer refrigerator to enjoy the pleasure of a good experience.

Before you buy

It is recommended that you visit the sales site of the Emersun Industries Co., at the following address and, depending on the need, cost and space available, check and choose the best option.

You can also get help from our colleagues in the sales advisory section while communicating with the numbers on the site.

Our address:

After buying, it’s best to get to know the following

  1. Refrigerator freezers should be transported vertically as much as possible. If the staircase requires the horizontal alignment of the product, it should be treated in such a way that the engine and its accessories are placed in the lower half of the slope and carried out with a 45 degree displacement.
  2. Preferably, move the product with a carton and standard factory protective covers on the staircase and home space, move the line and scratch or hit the body and doors.
  3. Make sure that the plug and cable are not stretched to the walls or that they are not stuck between the fence and the substrate. This will cause damage to the cable and the plug.
  4. After moving, you have to have the time to stay on the product for a while and then turn it on.
  5. The choice of the place to be installed must be observed. The refrigerator should be free of heat from the stove, water heater, radiator or direct radiation. Choose a location that is also far from moisture. Because moisture will damage the body of the product over time.
  6. In selecting the appropriate installation location, it is recommended that the ground connection be established.
  7. Choose a power outlet that does not fit into the product. This does not require that the product be moved out of the outlet when it is necessary and if there are any incidents.
  8. When removing the plug from the outlet, it’s best to tighten the plug and then pull it out of the socket. Taking and pulling the wire will cause damage to the cable and definite twin wires.
  9. Be sure to install the product near the socket. Otherwise, avoid cutting the plug cable and adding a power cord to increase it. It should be noted that the product plug alone should be fitted to an outlet.
  10. Before installing, try to clean the product. Be careful not to use any cleaner material that is compatible with the body color and its ingredients to avoid any problem with the product. Avoid sharpening and winning devices that create scratches on surfaces. It is best to use a wipes.
  11. The distance between the side and back sides of the product must be respected. This will create high efficiency of the product and reduce energy consumption while creating a good ventilation. It is suggested that this distance from the back is about 20 cm.
  12. The best suggestion for the installation, use of after-sales service is the Emersun Industries Co., by doing this, your product warranty will be considered completely free of charge for 36 months from the date of installation instead of 24 months from the date of production.

To contact Emersun’s after-sales service system throughout the country, you can take the following steps:

A)Send SMS E to 02135711
B) Visit the site and register online application WWW.35711.IR
C) Calling the number 02135711 from across the country

  1. Be sure to read the product manual before installing, and if in doubt, ask the service representative to install.
  2. It is recommended to use a good protector for your refrigerator freezer. Although Emersun’s products are considered to be in charge of dealing with fluctuations in electricity, it is recommended to use Trans, especially in areas that are subject to extreme and permanent fluctuations in electricity.
  3. After connecting the refrigerator to the power and turn it on, allow some time to cool the relative humidity inside the product, then place the food inside the product. Let’s let the freezer cooler work, get the cold, and turn off the engine. Engine shutdown means that the necessary cooling is provided. This will reduce the engine’s overpressure and save energy.

This will take about 3 hours.

  1. Do not wet the touch of refrigerant components inside the refrigerator. This will keep the skin cool and cool.
  2. Avoid placing glass containers in the freezer.
  3. In the refrigerated food layout, make sure that the air conditioning in the cabin is not difficult. Adhering food to the walls of the cabin and blocking the pores of cold spraying prevents cold weather and the proper distribution of cold throughout the cabin.
  4. Do not allow children to open or close the freezer door or hang it over again. Over time, this will remove the door from the tune-up, and sometimes this will cause technical problems such as excessive thrust or excessive transpiration in the cabin.
  5. Avoid placing hot food in the refrigerator. This will increase the engine life, energy dissipation, loss of efficiency and transpiration in the refrigerator cabin.
  6. Be sure to store the food in the refrigerator in the dish. This does not cause the smell of food in the refrigerator cabin freezer or does not integrate into other beverages and foodstuffs.
  7. If you have a technical problem with your product performance, contact the 02135711 and use the expert advice and support of the system.
  8. Never use unauthorized custodians to repair your product.