Pakdasht,Abbas Abad industrial town
Emersun Industries Co

Founder and Head of the board

Sultan Hossein Fattahi

He was born in Mianeh Town (East Azarbayejan Province) in 1957 . He finished elementary school in Mianeh and then entered Azmayesh Company Technical High School in 1970 .Besides working, he graduated from Azmayesh Technical High School and got his diploma. As academic education, he received his Bachelor of Mechanic Engineering from Azad University (South Branch), Master of Executive Management from Sazmane Modiriate San’ati University, And finally, DBA degree in field of Strategic Management from Management Faculty of Tehran University. In addition, we can point out his  15  year career in Azmayesh, Arj, Electrolux,and Saravel company from 1970 and eventually, he founded his own company Sanaye Emersun in 1985 .



With regard to its global strategies and missions, Emersun Industries Co. plans to recruit loyal, specialized, and committed personnel to manufacture the optimal products. At the moment, almost 1000 full-time and part-time personnel are working in Emersun industries Co. All have high school diploma certificate and higher. 20% of the personnel have postgraduate certificates and 1% have Ph.D. Emersun Industries Co. tries to increase the sense of responsibility by developing motivational programs.