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Emersun Industries Co

About Emersun

Emersun Industries Co. was established in 1981 by Soltan Hossein Fattahi. Until 1987, the company used to manufacture household freezer. The production line of the first new design 16-ft refrigerator freezer came .f the bestselling domestic products. 18-ft and 20-ft refrigerator freezers were designed and manufactured due to the market requirements. Note that 18-ft refrigerator freezers were the bestselling products in Iran for many years. 20-ft refrigerator freezers are ranked first

Along with the expansion of Emersun activities based on the company strategies and policies and the consideration of industrial principles in design and manufacture process , 5-ft refrigerator and 20-ft refrigerator freezers succeeded to obtain the “Top Design Award” from the Export Promotion Center and Art Academy in 2002-2003 and 2003-2004, respectively. Emersun Industries Co. offered the first fully smart refrigerator freezer, Sami 46, in 2004 using the most advanced world’s production technology. The refrigerator freezer is digitally controllable. It yields competitive advantage compared to all other domestic and international products in terms of body and refrigeration system. In line with the customer-oriented policies and quality promotion, the company achieved the “Exemplary Unit” in 2004 from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran.

With experienced personnel in all units especially design and innovation, today, Emersun Industries Co. Has put diversity of products in its agenda. The company has managed to manufacture the first Iranian Grade A Energy Consumption refrigerator freezer. Now, the company is meeting all tastes with diversity of products and Grade A+ and A++ and A+++ Energy Consumption.

Launching the Smart Product Line of Emersun Industries Co. in 2018-2019 as the first smart home appliance manufacturer is one of the honors of this collection.


With the experience of over 32 years in the field of manufacturing household appliances, Emersun Industries Co. is honored to receive various awards and certificates. However, the greatest honor is the effort to meet the customer satisfaction and achieve its organizational slogan- Beautiful, Leading, and  Assured.


Start of manufacturing activity in 1981, The production of Household Freezer

Setting up the first 16-ft refrigerator freezer production line with new design in 1989


Design and production of 18-ft and 20-ft refrigerator freezers (bottom freezer) from 1992 to 1996

Design and production of fully smart refrigerator freezers (Sami 46) in 2003

Design and production of twin No-Frost refrigerators and freezers in 2007

Design and mass production of Grade A and B products since 2009

Start of Organizational Transformation in Emersun since 2011

The establishment of new factory (150,000 m2) in Abbas Abad Industrial Town in 2012

Production of Side-by-Side refrigerator freezers in 2013

Getting A++ Energy Grade for the first time in 2014

Start of Washing twin and automatic Machine Production Line and getting Operation License in 2015

Getting A+++ Energy for the first time in 2016

Start of production line and new warehouse in 2017 and 36 months warranty

Emersun Smart Product Line Launch in 2018