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Special quality of nephrost and dephrost


In general, refrigerators are divided into two categories:

  • No frost refrigerator
  • De frost refrigerator

No frost refrigerator:

No frost means frost free. In this refrigerator the frost will not produced

In this type of refrigerator, cold air around the freezer is spread by a fan and causes the refrigerator to cool down. In modern cooling devices, an evaporative device is fitted behind the food racks, when properly worked, shows small ice droplets on the back wall. Most of the refrigerators today are free frost and have a deodorization. This process takes place periodically and whenever the refrigerator is frosted, it starts to operate and thaws through the elements of the heater in the refrigerator.

De frost refrigerator

This type of refrigerator is simple refrigerator. Most of the old refrigerators had a thrush and did not do de-icing. In these types of refrigerator, de-icing operations are required every few days manually or with an automatic system.

Automatic throttle

The design of this type of refrigerator is No frost, in addition to the advantages of the damper system, the refractories are automatically melted and the exhaust pipe enters the vapor container on the engine. In this part of the water is steam heated by the compressor heat of the refrigerator.

Comparison between No frost and De frost

  • In No frost refrigerators, thaws are automatically flooded and do not produce frost therefore, it is not necessary to shut down the refrigerator for a long time and there is no need for a compressor to cool down the space inside the refrigerator.
  • If you live in a place where the electricity is interrupted continuously, thrush on food will help to eliminate the chill of food over a defective period of time, and thus do not spoil the food. This is especially important when you are planning to travel and want to stay frozen during the trip.

Now it depends on which type of refrigerator you buy, but the refrigeration industry is currently developing towards the No frost refrigerator.

Emersun Industries Co., by replacing the evaporators, has been optimizing its products, which, like the No frost products will not require a power outage.

This company introduced its first refrigerator freezer (SAMI 46) in 2004, using the most modern technology in the world. This freezer refrigerator is digitally controlled and has a competitive edge in terms of both the body and refrigeration system with all its internal and external products.